Access Control – For Real Jobsites

It’s easy to provide “Access Control” for job sites. A turnstile or entry point, a web interface, and you’re on your way. The challenge remains, that as construction sites become more complex, coordination becomes more integral and safety requirements are an ever increasing reality… How do you actively, and proactively, manage access on your project? Enter Trimble CrewSight.

As a leader within intelligent and customized Access Control solutions. Trimble CrewSight begins with the reality that no two projects are the same. In fact, every project is unique, and when it comes to access control and personnel management, this unique considerations largely dictate the success of any access control solution. In light of this reality, Trimble CrewSight is a completely customized solution that BuildingPoint tailors specifically for your project scope and goals.

More than just a turnstile or single access point, Trimble CrewSight can easily accommodate the many nuances of a modern worksite. From vehicle entry lanes, to off-site shuttles, to extensive crew management capabilities that can scale numerous decks and zones, CrewSight is a single system that can easily unify your entire access control initiative.

Additionally, as a part of the Trimble family of Construction Solutions, you can easily leverage this powerful dataset in a number of creative and powerful ways, including Location Breakdown Structures (LBS), utilization assessments, and even emergency muster management.

But that’s just the beginning. To learn more about Trimble CrewSight, reach out to your BuildingPoint representative, or simply click below to request more information.

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