Active Targets : Do They Really Help?

Today’s robotic total stations have come a long way from humble beginnings and convoluted routines. As Electronic Distance Measuring (EDM) devices continue to advance, greater accuracy is achievable in adverse conditions, in less time, and with greater repeatability. Furthermore, DR has changed the way that many contractors measure. With DR, the total station measures directly to the point being measured, rather than a prism.

So the question becomes… Do you need an active target? More than just a prism, active targets, such as the Trimble MT1000 and AT360 emit a pulse of light that identifies the prism to the total station. By looking for, and constantly verifying this pulse of light, the total station can easily differentiate between the prism and other possible false returns.

Within applications that require a traditional rod setup, this capability greatly enhances the speed of layout and data collection. Jobsites are filled with distractions for traditional robotic total stations. When used with an active target, Trimble’s RTS-series ensures that your robot stays locked on your prism. As an additional benefit, active targets are a must for projects where multiple total stations are operating in the same area. Trimble targets can operate on discrete channels, enabling numerous robotic setups to be operating in the same area, without the concern of interfering with each measurement.

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