Alternative Acquisition Methods (Part 1 Of 3) – Equipment Leasing

Advanced technology is an investment. And without a doubt, BuildingPoint wants to make sure that you get the most of your technology dollars. ROI and custom-tailoring the specific solution to each individual contractor goes a long ways towards ensuring a solid financial case. But there’s another side to the financial equation that can often provide huge value, and that’s the acquisition method. Traditional outright purchases are a perfectly viable option, but there are a number of alternatives that might make more sense for your technology investment strategy.

BuildingPoint offers a number of creative options that will tailor your investment model to match your company’s goals and financial best practices. Over a series of posts, we’ll take a look at some of the more popular alternative acquisition methods available, and the benefits that they offer.

The first alternative to discuss is also the most common alternative for many contractors, and that is leasing. These standard technology leases operate in the same manner as traditional equipment leases. With a fixed term, very low interest rates (BuildingPoint often offers 0% options based on credit and term length) and significant tax incentives for many organizations, equipment leasing with fixed cost buyouts are a fantastic way to achieve the lowest possible monthly investment, and a known purchase price at the termination of the lease.

Next up, we’ll dive into some alternative methods that have been custom tailored for the construction market, including Hardware-As-A-Service and Month-to-Month rental.

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