Alternative Acquisition Methods (Part 2 of 3) – Hardware-As-A-Service

In the second of this three part blog series, today we’re going to take a closer look at BuildingPoint’s Hardware-As-A-Service program, or HaaS for short. At a high level, HaaS was created as a subscription service for hardware. On the software side of industry, subscriptions have become the *de rigeur * or status quo when it comes to new software investments. In many ways HaaS takes the best elements of this software subscription model, and then offers several enhancements that make it perfectly suited for the construction firms looking to invest in new technology. Here’s how it works.

HaaS is built with project accounting in mind. After you have selected the technology platform you would like to implement on a given project, BuildingPoint will then create a HaaS term that matches up with the total remaining production portion of project. This can be six months, twelve months, fifteen months, etc. With the term set, you then invest a fixed monthly amount to leverage the technology on your project. And because the term is a set length, you’re able to take advantage of substantially reduced rates, when compared to traditional rental programs.

Additionally, because HaaS is a subscription, you are investing in a platform rather than a particular hardware solution. If a new technology or enhancement comes to the platform during your term, BuildingPoint will provide the new technology at no extra cost to you. Training and all on-site services are also included within the HaaS program.

All of this equates to a simple and easy to reconcile fixed monthly investment on your project. To learn more about HaaS, simply click the link below.

Learn More About HAAS
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