Alternative Acquisition Methods (Part 3 of 3) – Month-To-Month Rental

Rounding out this three part blog series acquisition methods, we’ll finish up by taking a look at the traditional yet popular option for companies who prioritize flexibility and scalability. With this method, you have the ability to simply choose the technology solution you require for a certain project, or task set within the project. BuildingPoint then provides the required technology, and you make a monthly investment.

The monthly rental option does provide several key advantages over the other methods discussed in this series. The first of which is the option to purchase. After a significant amount of time, rental charges can become a significant portion of the overall value of the technology solution. BuildingPoint allows you to convert your rental to a purchase at any point, meaning that you can take advantage of a much lower purchase price if you elect to do so. Taken a step further, contractors have the option of financing the remaining portion of the purchase. For example, you can rent the technology for six months, then elect to purchase the equipment with a 12 month lease, effectively spreading your total acquisition over 18 months to reduce the monthly capital investment.

The month-to-month model is also the most flexible of the various acquisition programs offered by BuildingPoint. For short term, task-specific applications, or even overflow or temporary resource leveling month-to-month rental offers an easy-in/easy-out approach to keep your crews outfitted with the equipment they need for the job at hand.

When taken together, BuildingPoint offers the industry’s widest variety of acquisition methods for companies of all shapes and sizes. If you’d like to learn more about any of these models, or to discuss how your organization can leverage technology on your next project, click the link below, or reach out to your BuildingPoint representative today.

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