Building With GNSS

Satellite positioning and layout has traditionally found a place in heavy civil and geospatial applications. The open sight lines and clear view of the sky are perfectly suited to tasks where a wide expanse of the horizon is visible at any point throughout the day. Additionally, this technology has continually been refined to provide a remarkable level of accuracy and repeatability. With the Trimble R8s and Trimble Field Link, now you can bring the simplicity and reliability of satellite layout to your building construction site.

As a solution engineered specifically for building construction, the Trimble R8s combines the simple and easy setup of GNSS, with the familiar and intuitive Trimble Field Link interface, which is purpose-built for building construction and the challenges contractors face every single day. This powerful pairing means that you can layout footings, foundations, and even check existing conditions with the same data used for your precision layout tasks. For quick and easy measurement and verification, the Trimble R8s presents a turnkey solution that is easy to learn and operate.

To learn more about the Trimble R8s, check out our short video over view on our product page by clicking the link below. To schedule an on-site demo, contact your BuildingPoint representative today.

Learn More About The Trimble R8s
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