Choosing A Laser Scanner That’s Comfortable In Construction

Construction is unique. That’s quite an understatement, but it’s also a fact. The environment, the demands, the tightly managed schedules and budgets. Every part of the process is unique, and that’s why purpose-built tools and workflows perform so much more effectively with the AEC space.

Trimble’s TX series of laser scanners is a perfect example of hardware this is designed to thrive within our unique industry. The rugged design, combined with industry leading point cloud accuracy and deliverables, allows the Trimble TX series to provide consistent and reliable results over thousands of scans. And because every company is unique and different, Trimble offers a number of options when selecting the laser scanning solution that fits your specific needs and mission. From the cost-effective TX6, to the long-range capable TX8, the TX series of laser scanners offers something other laser scanners simply can’t: Trimble Productivity.

To learn more about the TX series, simply click the link below.

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