Connect & Go : Quick And Easy Layout With GNSS

We often talk about Building Construction in the tightest tolerances possible. In most cases, the more accurate the better. With robotic total stations, the XYZ tolerance can be 1/16”, or .0625” for those of us in the decimal system. And while there is certainly something to be said for amazing accuracy… sometimes it doesn’t have to be that tight. To reach that level of accuracy on a layout project, robotic total stations must utilize on-site control to reference the total station’s position and orientation on the project. But what if no on-site control exists? Or, what if that control is suspect to begin with? Enter satellite-based solutions, such as the Trimble R8s.

With a networked solution such as the Trimble R8s, you can simply pull the receiver out of the case, dial into the Trimble VRSNow network, and begin laying out and checking points and control locations. To be sure, the level of accuracy is not identical to a robotic total station solution, but in most cases you can achieve real-time accuracy of less than 1”. This tolerance is more than acceptable for checking forms, building edges, site boundaries, and a myriad of other early production tasks.

To learn more about the Trimble R8s, you can simply click the link below.

Learn More About The Trimble R8s GNSS Receiver
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