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Trimble’s powerful visual layout is a powerful capability in your toolkit. With visual layout, you can easily and precisely lay out points on your work surface. There’s a number of options and items to consider when choosing a visual layout solution, and with Trimble, there’s a laser pointer that perfectly fits into your budget and workflow. Let’s take a closer look at each of these offerings, and the unique attributes.

The Rapid Positioning Tool represents a huge step forward in bringing a comprehensive visual layout solution to your equipment fleet. Featuring a easily visible green laser, the RPT600 brings visual layout to your project at a significantly lower cost than traditional robotic total stations, while also featuring a green beam that works in the majority of applications where a deck or cover is overhead.

Both the Trimble RTS655 and RTS773 feature a traditional red beam laser. This laser, while less visible than a green beam laser, still creates a nice concentric and hot spot under interior and medium lighting conditions. The advantage of both of these total stations is they also offer a traditional optical telescope. This gives users the ability to implement a more conventional layout workflow using rods and prisms, as opposed to specifically relying on Trimble Vision and laser layout.

As the building construction flagship, the Trimble RTS873 brings the ultimate visibility and clarity to the visual layout workflow. Because the 873 does not contain a traditional optical telescope, the ultra high visibility green beam laser is also auto focusing. This reduces beam splat, and also ensures visibility even in brighter ambient light conditions.

With any visual layout, it’s important to remember that setup is immensely important. Setting the instrument as high as possible (with a column clamp if practical) reduces beam splat and creates a larger angle to the surface, creating a hotter center point that increases the accuracy of the resulting layout point. And while this is true across all of the Trimble solutions offered, as you can see, there’s still a unique point delivered by each of these solutions.

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