Controlling Access Is Just The Beginning

Trimble CrewSight is synonymous with access control and jobsite security. As projects gain complexity, security, safety, and access control continue to weigh heavily on the logistical management of projects of all shapes and sizes. And while access control can and should be at the forefront of the equation, Trimble CrewSight certainly provides much, much more. One such area revolves around resource management.

One of the benefits to a CrewSight-enabled project is the ability to accurately track, manage, and report upon labor resources that are present on the job. With this data, you can effortlessly track the scheduled workforce resources against actual on-site. This provides a vibrant and insightful metric that can identify schedule slippage before it becomes a problem. With Trimble CrewSight, you can easily break your work force down into any category, division, trade, or custom defined delineation that you choose. This makes it easy to manage and visualize resources that are performing daily tasks. And because this capability is an integral element of CrewSight, everything you need is already installed and enabled.

To learn more about resource management in Trimble CrewSight, contact your BuildingPoint representative today, or simply click the link below.

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