Cutting Edge Technology, At A Low Monthly Cost

With the adoption of BIM and VDC technologies, workflows are changing at such a rapid pace, that contractors are having a hard time keeping up with the demands of the modern construction project. With our Hardware-As-A-Service (HaaS) program, BuildingPoint has created a solution to help contractors keep up with that demand. More than just a traditional rental, HaaS uses the power of our comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions to allow contractors to acquire the tools they need, without breaking the budget. Designed to answer the challenges facing contractors today, HaaS is currently available within a number of applications and solutions. From points layout to laser scanning, personnel management, and QA/QC, contractors can leverage the power of Trimble’s GNSS, robotic, and laser scanning solutions on their next project.

Predictable Financial Planning
More than just a rental, HaaS removes the variables from the construction project. For a single, fixed monthly investment, you can rest assured that you have the technology you need to leverage the latest BIM and VDC wofkflows.

Future-Proof Technology
Technology is changing at a breakneck pace. With HaaS, you have the confidence of knowing that your technology stays on the cutting edge. Free upgrades and equipment swaps are always available to HaaS contractors.

Designed with the contractor in mind, HaaS enables your technology to scale and grow just as quickly as your business, without accumulating large up-front hardware costs. In addition, you can easily implement additional hardware solutions on specific projects, to further leverage the flexibility of this technology model.

Flexible Contract Terms
With HaaS, you sign up for a fixed contract term. But BuildingPoint understands that technology empowers and drives efficiency. If you finish your project early, you can turn in your hardware solution early and pay no penalties or additional charges.

Cost-Effective Training
HaaS contractors also leverage the industry’s most comprehensive and all-encompassing support and training team. With Trimble Certified Trainers, you receive exclusive access to training events and one-on-one support at a discounted rate. This ensures that your team has all of the knowledge needed to utilize the powerful capabilities of these solutions.

To learn more about HaaS, and how you can get started, contact your local BuildingPoint representative, or click the link below.

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