Direct Reflex – Does It Really Help?

With the release of the incredible long range of the Trimble RTS573, the question comes up, does Direct Reflex really help? And the short answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends on your workflow and application. Direct Reflex is the ability to measure to a surface rather than a traditional prism or active target. In many layout scenarios measuring to a point on a deck, or a planned penetration on a wall represents the prime example of DR measurement. For many contractors, increasing this range opens up a range of flexibility that results in fewer setups and a more intuitive workflow. To be sure, prism-based layout remains the most precise option for single-person robotic layout, but Direct Reflex let’s you measure nearly any surface, instantly.

To learn more about Direct Reflex, or the all-new long-range RTS573, click the link below, or contact your BuildingPoint representative today.

Learn More About Direct Reflex And The Trimble RTS
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