Spectra Precision QML8002016-12-29T08:05:12-04:00

The Spectra Precision Quickmark Layout system is designed for interior layout and fills in the gap between laying out with labor intensive tape measures and more complex 3D positioning solutions. The system is composed of 2 lasers that are wirelessly controlled by an Android tablet. The QML800 uses red beam lasers and the QML800G uses high visibility green beam lasers.  The QuickMark Layout System uses both lasers to project a visible X at the location being laid out. Points to lay out can be created from CAD files or entered directly on the tablet. Simply select any point and the lasers will aim to create a bright visible X where the point is located.

With the QuickMark Layout system, architectural files can now be loaded directly onto the tablet. The QML800 & the QML800G both include a license to BuildView Office computer software. With BuildView, architectural drawings can be opened and viewed, and fob files can be reviewed for completeness. With this process, issues can be addressed with the architects, general contractors and contract managers before arriving at the job site.

The QuickMark Layout system is fast, efficient, and very easy to use with no surveying background needed. Complicated shapes, arcs and curves are now easy to layout with no field calculations required. Days of layout now become hours. Accuracy is improved and errors are not compounded from point to point. Both the QML800 & the QML800G are useful for framing & drywall and other interior trades that need to lay out locations on a site.