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Trimble Vision is more than just the inclusion of a camera in the total station – it’s about integrating live video and images into workflows for increased productivity and capabilities. Trimble Vision allows users to virtually look through the instrument. A live video stream is available in the field software and job points are overlaid on the image for enhanced data visualization.

To aim to a desired location, simply tap on that location in the image and the instrument will turn directly to it. To adjust the location that the instrument is facing, simply drag a finger (or stylus) across the screen and the instrument will follow. When performing QA/QC or collecting as-builts, Trimble Vision allows the user to capture an image corresponding with every measured point, automatically. The images provide a visual reference for the detailing or BIM teams, back in the office, when reviewing the measurements. When it comes to conflicts or concerns on site, Trimble Vision allows users to include images in their Field Reports created with Trimble Field Link.

By combining Trimble VISION with Trimble Field Link for Structures, field crews can expand their productivity through a variety of ways. With Vision, operators can remotely control as well as see and measure through a live video feed from the RTS instrument on their Trimble Tablet within the Trimble Field Link software to easily locate and stake field point. With VISION and Field Link, overlay 2D line-work imported from CAD files onto the live imagery from the robotic total station, taking the guess work out of point lay out and as built reporting.

Trimble VISION Provides:

• See what the instrument sees
• Image capture for RFI’s and work orders
• Enhanced data visualization for in-field as-built verification
• Intuitive instrument controls for faster operations
• Job data (points and measured linework) overlaid
• Control the instrument from the video (tap & turn, dynamic joystick)
• Image capture with every measured point for refernece by detailing / BIM in office