Trimble GCEstimator Suite (OLD)2017-01-12T08:00:37-04:00

Trimble GCEstimator™ Suite is a quantity takeoff and estimating solution that integrates cost analysis for both model and non-model based projects. Trimble has dramatically changed the building construction landscape by delivering on its strategy to provide GC / CM firms with highly integrated solutions. GCEstimator is designed to increase efficiency and reduce the complexity of deploying multiple vendor solutions with limited integration.

Trimble’s GCEstimator Suite provides a single takeoff solution for both 3D BIM models and 2D plans. It’s no longer necessary to use two separate takeoff applications to support 3D and 2D inputs. This flexible solution allows for 3D quantity extraction from BIM models, as well as the ability to perform a digitized takeoff from 2D .pdf files.

Trimble GCEstimator Suite allows an estimator to use one database / cost library to drive all their estimates. Trimble recognizes that your need for
a highly adaptable, flexible estimating system doesn’t change based on the quantity inputs available for a specific project. Now you can have one cost library that drives your estimating practices, whether or not your input is coming from a 3D model, 2D electronic plans, or both. The maintenance nightmare of trying to deploy and maintain 3-4 estimating cost libraries goes away with GCEstimator.

Being able to compare one iteration of the model to the next and quickly visually see the quantity variances is at the heart of the GCEstimator solution. The ability to both highlight and isolate these design differences allows you to clearly explain the cost impact of these design changes. In today’s world, it’s not enough to just tell and owner that the cost of their project is changing, instead you need to defend those changes based on quantity differences. Trimble GCEstimator meets that challenge head-on.

In construction estimating, there’s no substitute for complete confidence in your work. Trimble GCEstimator Suite keeps estimators in complete control for better estimates, improved traceability and a vastly streamlined workflow. For more info on GCEstimator, check out our video below, and download the techical notes here.