GCEstimator: Everything You Need

Cost estimating represents tons of choices. By the nature of the activity, estimating is the process of identifying, evaluating, and selecting. And while technology cannot change this reality, there is one area where cost planning can be simplified. With Trimble GCEstimator, you finally have a tool that does everything you need, in one single and cost-effective cost estimating suite.

Traditional spreadsheet-based estimating? Check. Advanced model quantity takeoff? Check. Document and revision management? Check. With Trimble GCEstimator, your cost planning is transparent, efficient, and easily scalable. Plus, with Trimble GCEstimator, users can leverage the power of database-driven estimating. This ensures repeatable results and time-saving standardization that captures the best practices of your organization.

To learn more about GCEstimator, or Trimble’s complete portfolio of cost estimating solutions, simply click the link below, or contact your BuildingPoint representative.

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