Intuitive Document Control That’s Actually Intuitive

Piles of paper project documents have been replaced by shared folders of PDFs and digital documentation. Managing seemingly endless document revisions has become a crucial task for projects of all sizes and scope. With construction increasingly reliant on coordinated deliverables, the concept of a single document repository has become an essential tool for the modern contractor.

Of course, there is no shortage of document control solutions on the market to address these issues and concerns. The options range from overly simple (and difficult to scale) to prohibitively expensive. Trimble created ProjectSight in response to contractors looking to gain a simple, intuitive, and scalable document control solution that can easily handle even the most intimidating projects.

At its core, Trimble ProjectSight centers around the contractor. It creates a familiar interface that can be picked up and implemented in mere hours. ProjectSight effectively manages a staggering array of document formats; from 2D PDF plans and images, to 3D models and everything in between. This flexibility is possible because Trimble ProjectSight is built on Trimble Connect, the first collaboration platform for the digital age of  construction.

This unparalleled flexibility is further enhanced by a number of powerful features including document extraction for plan sheets,  in-app viewing of models, and comprehensive markup tools to further collaborate with team members and project stakeholders.

Trimble ProjectSight proves that document control doesn’t have to be cumbersome or confusing. Instead, effective document management can actually be intuitive, straight-forward and transparent.

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