Mini Prisms – An Easy Solution For Setup Simplicity

Setting up control can be a challenge on any job site. But in Florida, those challenges can be exasperated by limited sight lines, cramped building footprints, and cumbersome site logistics. Having access to consistent control and back sights is a key element to your layout procedures. And ensuring that the entire trade stack has access to co-located points also alleviates many of the challenges and setup busts that can occur on a project.

One such alternative for these scenarios is to look outside of your building footprint. Using small, inexpensive prisms helps to increase your setup accuracy and repeatability. By placing these prisms on numerous stationary structures at the periphery (project light or camera poles, adjacent buildings, etc) you can easily setup a prism network that can easily be utilized throughout your project.

And because the prisms are fixed, you can easily share the points with all of the trades performing work with optical total stations, removing a common source of setup error.

To learn more about these simple passive prisms, or for an on-site consult, simply click the link below, or reach out to your BuildingPoint rep directly.

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