Modelogix was designed to help you benchmark new estimates, provide sanity checks for new bids, or even reference the data in Owner proposals to highlight project expertise. Plus you can harness your historical estimating data, giving you more time to craft and fine-tune your next estimate. With Modelogix, even feasibility budgets are given more real-world credibility based on these quantities and costs.

Modelogix is built on Microsoft’s SQL database engine, which means it works with every construction estimating solution on the market. Products such as WinEst, Timberline, Vico Office, MC2, US Cost, and even Excel, can all share data with Modelogix. The Modelogix attribute filter allows you to cross-tag your projects by industry, by construction type, by geography, etc.  By thoroughly indexing your projects as you load them into Modelogix, you’ll be able to instantly call them up in a project filter ten years from now!

Reporting in Modelogix is also very easy to set-up and design. Report templates consist of project images, charts, graphs, side-by-side comparisons and even cover sheets and a table of contents. Users can create any layout they want and populate the data from their cost model and comparable projects. Owners appreciate seeing this real-world project experience alongside the estimate in a format that is polished, professional and easy to read.

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With this wealth of past-project data, estimators can create new cost models for feasibility budgets, benchmark new estimates and identify pricing variances, and even sanity-check a new budget to ensure that all scope is covered. By better understanding cost variances, estimators can better identify project risk, suggest value engineering ideas, and even present multiple options to the Owner.  And in bid situations, creating these helpful options illustrate your firm’s knowledge, experience, and partnering capabilities.

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Trimble Modelogix is the perfect solution for all your historical cost modeling needs. In this in-depth Solution Close-Up, our very own Rob Miller sits down with Steve Watt or Trimble to give you a complete overview of Modelogix. Designed as a comprehensive first look at Modelogix, this video will help you understand some of the powerful features and capabilities that you can leverage on your next project.

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