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Trimble WinEst is one of the most powerful database driven estimating solutions on the market. Designed to look and feel like Excel, it features a familiar interface, power database, and multiple work-breakdown structures and filters. These filters can be customized so that estimating data can be sliced and diced and presented in any way, shape or form.

With WinEst, estimates can be customized for multiple projects so that your team can always deliver polished and professional estimates that reflect your corporate brand. Plus, this customization isn’t just on the surface as it also extends to the item and assembly level, as well as to labor and equipment rates, including base rates and benefit rates. Your company’s intellectual property is well protected with this level of detail. Templates stay with your company, so if a key employee should leave, the data stays in house. This standardized estimating best practice solution benefits all project types and is far more reliable than traditional spreadsheets.

Winest also features the ability to export to Primavera or Microsoft Project. Each line item and assembly in WinEst can be assigned to a task/activity ID. This means we can see a preview of the costs for each in our Task Table. By exporting our estimate to either Primavera or MS Project, we can quickly populate a construction schedule with resource names, predecessor names and all the cost- and resource-loaded tasks from our estimate.

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Want To Learn More About WinEst?

Trimble WinEst is the premiere estimating solution for the construction industry. In this in-depth Solution Close-Up, our very own Rob Miller sits down with Steve Watt of Trimble to give you a complete overview of WinEst. Designed as a comprehensive first look at WinEst, this video will help you understand some of the powerful features and capabilities that you can leverage on your next project.

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