One Stop Cost Estimating

Today, there are two different paths for construction cost estimating. You have the option of utilizing either 2D plans, or 3D models. The decision as to which method will be chosen for the pre-construction and estimating phase traditionally rests upon two factors. The requirements of the bid and the constraints placed by the owner, and the overall familiarity and comfort with detailed (or not-so-detailed) BIM models. This is a reasonable criteria. Construction companies have a tried and true 2D estimation process based upon years of experience, best practice, and real-world historical actuals. This data set consistently provides the most comprehensive and reliable estimation baseline, while 3D models typically provide a greater level of detail and quantity information.

So the question remains… Why don’t we combine the two? Trimble has answered this question with GC Estimator. Now, we can. With GC Estimator, you can seamlessly integrate custom assemblies and actual quantity pricing with 3D models and quantities, giving you a hybrid solution that is head and shoulders above the estimate provide by standalone 2D or 3D data.

To learn more about GC Estimator, or to view an in-depth demo, simply click the link below.

Learn More About Trimble GCEstimator
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