Power To Spare

With the Florida construction market working overtime, it’s hard not to work a little extra some days. And even with Trimble technology helping to increase efficiency, sometimes your work days just last a little longer than planned. On these days, it can be a life saver to have an extra set of batteries on-hand to finish marking those last couple of points, uploading the day’s work to the office, or even just double checking some work from the previous day.

Trimble’s total stations, tablets, and active targets all feature ruggedized external and interchangeable batteries for just this reason. With Trimble, you never have to worry about waiting for a battery to charge, or to be stuck without power in your device. Just swap and continue working. Spare batteries make it easy to ensure that your gear is powered up for even the longest of days.

If you’d like to add some spare batteries to your instrument case, simply reach out to your BuildingPoint representative, or order from buildingpointstore.com and we’ll ship them right over.

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