See What’s New In Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is an online collaboration environment that allows everyone involved in a project to see the big picture right down to the tiniest detail. Simply put, it allows contractors of all sizes build better. As part of the ongoing process to improve Trimble Connect, several new enhancements and features have been added.

• Option to restrict project invite feature to project administrators only for enhanced security
• Team page user experience improvements
• Create a new project from an existing one as a template for quick project setup, maintaining folder structure standards by work breakdown, settings and team.
• Export project activity to excel. In excel, you can analyze activity graphs by trade, company, activity type and much more…
• Add multiple section planes (up to 8) on models in 3D viewer. Views can be consistently shared across Trimble Connect Web, Desktop and Mobile.
• Search for files inside projects with the option to Download, Add to Release and Add to ToDo
• Share data with any anonymous users with a public link

For a complete list up enhancements and bug fixes, click the link below to see the release notes.

Trimble Connect Update Release Notes
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