Sometimes Instruction Manuals Are Helpful

Sometimes, constructing a building is straightforward and self-explanatory. In other cases? Maybe not so much. In these cases, there’s a tremendous advantage to understanding and constructing the components or assemblies virtually prior to moving into production. By stepping through the constructibility with a highly detailed model, field personnel can quickly and easily identify issues before heading out to the field.

In many cases, low-detail is considered more than sufficient for day-to-day structural and envelope tasks and coordination. But the detail and accuracy of some designs and systems requires a greater level of certainty. In these instances, high-detail models can bridge the gap between design and construction. This capability also presents some unique opportunities as project teams can easily bring low and high-detail elements together to exist in one single model environment. This granular approach ensures that low-detail is the baseline, and only higher-detail elements are modeled when necessary.

By leveraging BuildingPoint VDC Services, you can easily scope the challenging or problematic assemblies and components, and produce detailed models and even coordinate shop drawing sets that can help alleviate schedule delays and issues in the field. This customizable approach also ensures that modeling investments are kept to the minimum, while also providing the visibility and answers that can pay immediate and measurable dividends on the project.

To learn more about high-detail component modeling, contact your local BuildingPoint representative, or simply head over to our VDC Service page by clicking the link below.

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