Taming Costs With Trimble Prolog

In construction, costs matter. Over the past 20+ years, Trimble Prolog has earned the reputation for providing contractors with the most comprehensive toolbox for effectively managing and measuring project costs throughout the entire project lifecycle. With best-in-class customizable reporting, and truly granular cost structures, contractors can leverage Trimble Prolog to record, report, and analyze costs.

When discussing cost controls, Trimble Prolog builds on several key areas of functionality to provide cost and budget insight into a truly comprehensive cost overview.

Tracking PCOs

Potential Change Orders contribute a significant amount of insight to a project’s ever-evolving cost and budgetary position. With Trimble Prolog, you have instant access to each of these potential changes. This allows for powerful reporting that effectively balances the various options, and gives project stakeholders a view into the decision-making process.

Distributing Drawing Revisions to Subs

In much the same way that PCOs can impact budgetary constraints, effectively distributing drawing revisions to sub contractors is equally important in managing costs. Drawing revisions are easily documented and managed within Trimble Prolog. This allows for complete visibility and accountability when discussing project changes and cost deviations for revised scope. Or when existing conditions conflict with expectations.

Tracking Issues

On-site reporting and issue tracking can become a significant unknown variable as a project matures. Trimble Prolog collects the various issues that can be identified from various teams including design, on-site, subcontract, and even project ownership. This central repository for issues can also include anticipated cost impacts that can easily be upgraded to PCOs and budgetary adjustments.

Pricing RFI Responses

Much like issue tracking, RFI responses can easily be categorized and costed, meaning that input from project stakeholders can be evaluated and effectively managed to incorporate the most competitive cost scenario for the project.

Cost control is a key component of a successful and ultimately profitable construction project. With Trimble Prolog, contractors can effectively manage not only the costs and budgetary line items of the normal construction process, but also the underlying components that largely dictate cost vectors daily. To learn more about about Trimble Prolog, and the industry’s most comprehensive cost control platform, simply click here.

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