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Construction is challengingly unique. You deserve a field software solution that is engineered to perfectly complement and enhance your existing processes and workflows. With Trimble Field Link, you can unlock the full power of Trimble precision layout solutions on your project.

The actual process of laying out a point is the same regardless of whether you’re installing a stake, laying out a road, or marking hangers. Precision measurement remains the same. Measuring the distance and angle from a known point to a new location is the reality of any point location, regardless of discipline. But while the math is the same, the similarities stop there. Each industry maintains unique terms processes that surround the entire points layout process. Within the building construction industry, this translates into a workflow that is focused on the complexities of bringing a multitude of points within the confines of single project. Trimble Field Link is built for this reality.

With Trimble Field Link (TFL) contractors experience a workflow that is construction-based, from beginning to end. Centered on the variety of tasks layout professionals perform each and every day, these capabilities have been streamlined to provide the information required, while minimizing non-essential data. This discipline ensures that TFL users get up to speed quickly and easily, reducing the learning curve. Even new users, without significant experience with robotic total stations and GNSS solutions find the process to be intuitive and straightforward.

The fact that these solutions provide a simple and easy-to-use end user experience can sometimes obscure the relative power of Trimble Field Link. As a next-generation layout platform, TFL can handle even the most complex and demanding models and linework with ease. Field offsets, user created points, and multiple systems and layers can easily be managed right within the tablet. This powerful capability empowers field users to complete layout and QA/QC tasks in a fraction of the time on complicated designs and project requirements.

Trimble Field Link is the industry’s most powerful and intuitive field software. Simply put, general and trades contractors can leverage a common platform to ensure that accuracy and efficiency are achieved at every stage of the construction process. To learn more, or to schedule an on-site demonstration, contact your local BuildingPoint representative, or simply click the link below.

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