Trimble Field Link: Professional Tools For Pros

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to precision layout solutions. Trimble precision layout is specifically built for professionals who expect and demand professional results. As the connection between your robotic total station and your jobsite Trimble Field Link provides a powerfully simple and intuitive interface that unlocks the power of Trimble technology on your project.

Equally versed in both traditional 2D and 3D model environments, Trimble Field Link brings unsurpassed visibility and clarity to even the most complex projects and designs. Moving beyond simple points layout, TFL offers a plethora of advanced options that can significantly simplify and reduce data preparation work both in the office, and in the field. Listed below are just a couple of the unique advanced features available in Trimble Field Link.

Creating Layer Views – With Layer Views, you can quickly and easily organize and manage the way you view your data, linework, and geometry on your project. Watch Now!

Creating Patterns – A single click can quickly created point layout patterns, radically reducing data prep time both in the office, and the field. Watch Now!

Creating A Layout Plane – Perfect for spot-checking elevations and existing conditions, the lay out plane feature allows you to stake out to a user-defined plane with minimal setup. Watch Now!

Adjusting Layout Tolerances – Accuracy and tolerance is always a concern on the jobsite. TFL allows you to customize these tolerances to ensure various users and crews are maintaining a consistent accuracy throughout the life of a project. Watch Now!

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