The Prolog Health Check

The clock has almost run out on 2017. But the year-end is a great time to verify and evaluate your existing project controls processes. It’s precisely this reason why BuildingPoint offers the Prolog Health Check for existing Prolog instances. The concept and idea behind Prolog is simple. With the myriad of customization and workflow options within Prolog, the Health Check provides a turn-key process to ensure that your project controls solution fits perfectly within your workflow.

Over time, processes within your organization change and morph, sometimes so slowly that it’s impossible to even notice. The Prolog Health Check represents an opportunity to take a step back and optimize the software to perfectly sync with your current best practices. This level of customization is possible because of Trimble Prolog’s powerful customization and workflow capabilities.

Additionally, the Health Check is provided as a straight-forward, fixed price service. This low-cost/high-impact engagement is the perfect step towards ensuring your Prolog instance is perfectly optimized. To learn more about the Prolog Health Check, simply click the link below, or contact your BuildingPoint representative today.

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