The Weakest Link – The Rod Bubble

The lowly rod bubble. It doesn’t garner many brochures, or slick product videos, or well… come to think of it, it’s the first component of your field layout kit to be overlooked. But it’s a fact. Your rod bubble is absolutely integral to ensuring that your field layout is as accurate and repeatable as possible. In fact, in many cases, bubble error represents the single largest delta in field measurement.

And while it’s not a cool or trendy topic to discuss, it is important. BuildingPoint strongly recommends implementing a rod calibration routine into your layout practices. Jobsites are tough and demanding environments. Rods get bumped, dropped and jostled every single day. By adding a daily rod check to your process, you can rest assured that your field measurements are maintaining the accuracy you expect.

Your BuildingPoint Field Specialist also provides a simple and easy calibration jig that you can quickly mount in your jobsite trailer or field office to ensure rod calibration. This simple sub-$100 tool, combined with less than a minute of verification, can keep your layout working at a consistent and efficient pace throughout the life of your project.

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