Trimble CrewSight V3.3 Released

Trimble has recently released the V3.3 update for Crewsight, its workforce management solution. Trimble CrewSight lets you track personnel while they are on site and account for each team member when emergency situations arise. The system lets you monitor skills, qualifications and clearances to keep on-site workers safe. This new version is packed with new features and enhancements.

The new features in CrewSight V3.3 improve and simplify the workflow for administrators to minimize time spent inputting data or configuring username and login information. Trimble has also responded to industry requests to support the ability to view the employment history of a worker in the system to better understand when and where workers have worked.  Some of the new features and enhancements in this update include:

Deleting a Worker: This feature provides users with a warning message before deleting a worker(s).
Support for “and” or “-” in Worker Name: This feature provides users the ability to use “and” or “-” in the Worker name field when enrolling or editing a Worker record.
CrewSight Login-ID Case: This feature changes the requirement at Login for User Name to allow for non-case sensitive characters. Passwords are still case sensitive.
Employment history /Asset custody history: This new feature provides users with the ability to view the employment history of a worker or custody history of an asset via Company History option provided in the worker/asset details section of the record.
Help Page in Web App UI: This feature provides access to the CrewSight

Download Crewsight V3.3 Release Notes
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