Trimble Field Link 4.6 Is Now Available

Now available for download through Trimble Installation Manager, Trimble Field Link 4.6 continues to add features and functionality to the industry’s leading construction layout solution. While BuildingPoint will be covering some of these new features in detail in subsequent posts, here’s the highlights of what has been added to the application in this latest version.

New Features:
• Measure Rounds (Site Control Module, Required)
• Vertical Surface Collection & Analysis (Surface Module, Required)
• Corner Bullseye Option in Layout
• Quick Vertical Verification Tool

• Line and Arcs information displayed via use of info button
• Display Preview of point information when laying out
• Create Points From Line – “Model Linework” and “TFL Linework”
• The state of every feature remembered as long as TFL is running (unless specifically excluded)
• RTS573 (and non-RTS total stations) – Enable LASER Mode while in Reference Elevation and Turn To features
• Option to turn compensator off with RTS (Resets Every Reconnection)
• Export of control points as DWG
• Ability to add attributes when creating a Point
• Preview points for multiple line segment in point manager
• Retain preview updates when collecting line and arc
• Displays number of staked points in job description
• Split Screen for data entry in TFL Office

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