Trimble RPT: One Button, One Complete Solution

Construction layout is a concept that involves a number of different applications and specific tasks. With the Trimble RPT, contractors have a rugged, jobsite-ready positioning solution that has been built and engineered specifically for building construction, at a price point that significantly lowers the investment required to leverage positioning technology.

The Trimble RPT600 is the result of a complete rethinking of the layout requirements for structural and interior trades, specifically drywall and cast-in-place concrete. Focusing on these particular applications, Trimble set out to create a positioning solution that is at home within these applications. As designs continue to gain complexity, and schedules continue to compress, the Trimble RPT600 provides a powerful, yet familiar workflow that makes sense to both seasoned and less experienced layout teams alike.

With the RPT600, design complexity is made irrelevant. Simply set up the instrument using the automated one-button setup, select your first point within Trimble Field Link, and you’re ready to start laying out points. Boasting Trimble Vision, layout can be achieved using either a traditional layout rod, or when conditions permit, users can even use a high visibility green beam for visual layout directly on the surface.

Precision layout couldn’t be easier. All it takes is one button.

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