Upcoming Webinar: What’s new In Vico Office R6.5?

A few weeks ago, Trimble released an update for Vico Office, version R6.5, that included bug fixes, and enhancements to integrate the workflows of design/cost/management. Following up on this update, Trimble is hosting a webinar that will highlight some of these new features, and will go through a workflow demonstration that will explain all of the new features and use cases that you’ll find inside R6.5, including:
• 4D w/o 5D: How to create quantity loaded tasks on-the fly
• Tekla rebar support
• Conditional formatting in the cost planner
• BCF support

To learn more about this update, download the release notes here, and to register for the webinar, click the link below.

Register for the Vico Ofice R6.5 Webinar
2017-10-24T10:29:30-04:00October 2nd, 2017|BuildBlog|