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Trimble GCEstimator

Next Generation Cost Planning For Contractors

Cost planning and analysis is hard work. Getting your bids and pre-construction done on-time and on-budget is becoming an ever more difficult task.

Trimble GCEstimator Suite (GCE) is a quantity takeoff and estimating solution that integrates cost analysis for both model and non-model based projects. At the core of GCE is Trimble WinEst, and Trimble Vico Office. By combining Winest’s powerful cost estimating tools with Vico’s analysis, takeoff, scheduling tools, Trimble has created a unique package with integrated solutions, and a streamlined workflow. Simply put, GCEstimator is designed to increase efficiency and reduce the complexity of deploying multiple vendor solutions with limited integration.

Built For Cost Planners,
By Cost Planners

Trimble GCEstimator was built by people who know the ins and outs of what cost planners need. From the outset, GCE was designed to help owners build the building that they want, and keep it on budget. With GCE, the cost plan evolves with the project design via the model progression specification.  As more and more details are known about the project, the estimator can hone in on the numbers.  The conceptual estimate can be connected with past project data so that the iterative cost plans build off previous knowledge so there’s no back and forth between spreadsheet cells and drawing sets.

Future Proofing

GCEstimator is built to be an ideal solution for contractors needing a streamlined estimating, takeoff, and change management solution. GCE’s design lets you get started with the base 2D/3D solution, with the ability to add support for 4D & 5D models as your needs and company grow.

A Single Solution For All Your Cost Planning Needs

With GCE, you can now do a highly visual takeoff from 2D electronic plans and just like the 3D model takeoff, you can even organize your 2D takeoff quantities by location / zones. The takeoff capabilities provide the ultimate in flexibility. GCE will also allow you to perform a “hybrid” 2D / 3D takeoff from the BIM model.

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Trimble GCEstimator allows GC’s to perform a variety of time saving change management tasks, starting with 2D models, where you can compare 2D drawing sets to find changes between versions. For 3D models, you can compare versions locating and highlighting changes, and also compare contract documents to the coordinated 3D models. Also GCE allows you to update takeoff quantities to reflect the current quantities in the current version of the model.

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GCEstimator provides access to Vico and WinEst functionality is one seamless integrated platform. You are able to move from take-off to estimate in the same system, without having to log into a separate system.

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GCE lets you define floors, zones, and optimized location systems per trade. These locations drive the location-based quantity takeoff which is the starting point for location-based cost planning. The GCEstimator cost planner uses quantities per location to calculate labor, material and equipment amounts and subsequently for determining number of work hours per location.

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Trimble GCEstimator includes a wide variety of deliverables in including costing, quantities, takeoffs, and more. It also provides options to generate different reports from the estimate.

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Local Support, Worldwide Reach

As your dedicated local partner, BuildingPoint offers the hands-on, local support and technical service you deserve. Whether you require customized reports, in-office training, or traditional classroom instruction, BuildingPoint offers the construction industry’s most comprehensive and inclusive support solutions. To learn more about GCEstimator, check out the deep dive videos linked above, download the technical notes and whitepaper, or schedule a demo by clicking the links below.