Are Assemblies Required?

One of the most common questions we receive when discussing Trimble cost estimating solutions is “Do I have to use assemblies?” Not wanting to disappoint, we often answer with the most unhelpful of software answers, “It depends.” But in reality, there is some basic best practices that have been proven over decades of experience provided by Trimble Winest, and the powerful capabilities it leverages as a database-driven estimating tool.

At a high level, the answer is no. No, you do not HAVE to use assemblies to gain the benefits of Trimble Winest. (In this post we’ll reference Winest, but this discussion can easily include Trimble GC Estimator as well.) Assemblies encompass a workflow that can or cannot use within your cost estimating workflow. But assemblies offer some compelling efficiencies that deserve a closer look.

When choosing a powerful cost planning tool, especially one that maintains a database such as Trimble Winest, you have the ability to standardize your estimates and bids across your entire organization, giving them a familiar look and feel that is easy to understand for everyone involved in the estimating process. Assemblies can provide that consistent presentation.

Easy Cost Adjustments
Over time, cost components, labor costs, and materials can change. With assemblies, you can easily update all of your current and future bids with a single assembly change, greatly reducing the time and effort to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to cost adjustments.

Starting With Something
Just like writing a book (or a blog post) often times the most difficult step is moving past a blank page. The same is true to starting your next estimate. Assemblies allow for quick and easy population of known costs and activities, getting your estimate going in little to no time, allowing you to spend time understanding the more complex and challenging areas of the bid package.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, assemblies are a powerful tool within Trimble Winest. But the ability and the advantages of leveraging this particular functionality can greatly increase the speed, consistency, and structure of your proposal process.

To learn more about Winest, or to see a recorded live demo, simply click the link below.

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