Educated Guesses Beat Plain Ol’ Guessing

Conceptual and feasibility estimates are some of the most challenging figures to provide to both existing and prospective clients when it comes to construction estimating. These numbers are traditionally fraught with land mines. Provide a number that’s too conservative and you’ll price yourself out of the job. Paint too rosy a picture and you’ll blow your conceptual budget when submitting final numbers. Finding that “just right” mix is the key to providing reliable and actionable feasibility numbers.

Trimble Modelogix helps you find this “just right” number by using the best historical numbers available… yours. With Modelogix you’re able to create a comprehensive and constantly evolving cost database that is built upon your historical actuals and performance. This allows an unparalleled insight into future projects and opportunities. And because this data is based on your real-world experience, you can easily slice and dice the data any way that you need to. Need to create a feasibility estimate for a healthcare remodel based on number of beds? Easy. How about a commercial/retail high rise based on square footage and the overall number of decks proposed? Done.

With Trimble Modelogix, you can leverage your experience to create defensible and accurate feasibility numbers. To learn more, contact your BuildingPoint team member, or simply click the link below.

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