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At BuildingPoint, our portfolio of hardware, software and service offerings streamlines communication and collaboration throughout the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle. Our solutions are designed to help Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Building Owners/Operators no matter the job size. At BuildingPoint, it’s not just about selling a product, but creating a solution to help our clients achieve greater efficiency and insight into projects. Check out our Field Solutions Brochure here.

Trimble RPT600

The all-new Trimble RPT600 Layout System is essential tool to enhance common building layout and as-built measurement projects.

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Trimble RTS Series

The Trimble RTS Series of Robotic Total Stations was designed for contractors in both residential and building construction.

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Trimble TX Series

The Trimble TX Series 3D laser scanner is a highly versatile 3D scanning solution for a broad variety of scanning applications.

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Trimble Edgewise

Trimble EdgeWise software considerably reduces the time required to accurately transform point cloud data into actionable models.

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DPI-8 Scanner

The DPI-8 lowers the entry barrier to 3D scanning, while also augmenting traditional scanning solutions, such as the TX-5.

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Trimble Crewsight

Trimble CrewSight lets you track personnel while they are on site and account for each team member when emergency situations arise.

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