Living In An Alternate Reality

In estimating, alternates are a fact of life. Whether you’re accommodating owner requests, outlining or hedging uncertainty in the bid specs, or simply presenting a number of proposed options to decision makers, alternates represent a flexible and extensible way organize and present your bid presentation.

Trimble WinEst allows you unlock the power of alternates within your bid with a simple an intuitive interface. With WinEst, you can create a nearly unlimited number of alternates to help organize options. Once your alternates have been completed, you can easily toggle them off and on to tailor your final presentation and to commit changes to the bid once the final scope has been decided.

To learn more about managing alternates in Trimble WinEst, or to see a live demonstration, contact your BuildingPoint representative today, or simply give us a call at (813) 280-0655.

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