Searchable And Scalable Cost Data

Our modern lives run on data. Whether we realize it or not, everything we do largely relies upon datasets in one way or another. Historical cost planning is no different. In most organizations, the problem isn’t that the data isn’t there. The problem instead is that this important data is scattered throughout the organization. Trimble Modelogix brings all of these various datasets and actual costs together into a single unified database. Making your historical data actionable and insightful.

As a historical cost planning tool, Modelogix is built around simplicity and accessibility. Configured to mirror the way your organization already works, Modelogix uses real-world terminology and simple criteria to provide you with the results and answers you need, quickly and easily. If you’re providing a conceptual estimate for healthcare project in Miami, you can easily locate similar projects you’ve completed in Orlando and Tampa, and then apply cost historically derived cost adjustments to accommodate your historical experience within the South Florida market. This unparalleled power and visibility unlocks one of the most underutilized assets within your organization… your completed projects.

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