Autodesk and Trimble Sign Agreement to Increase Interoperability

Trimble  and Autodesk, Inc. have entered into an interoperability agreement aimed at saving customers time and reducing project costs typically associated with workflow inefficiency across different suppliers’ technologies. This will benefit architects, engineers and contractors, and importantly, project owners by enabling more freedom to optimize technology workflows needed to meet the complex requirements of today’s construction projects.

Autodesk and Trimble have a shared goal of meeting the evolving needs of the building and infrastructure industries. Reliable, fluent exchange of information among multiple stakeholders and platforms is essential to this end. The Trimble and Autodesk collaboration demonstrates their ongoing commitment to support open industry standards such as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie), and can enable current and prospective Autodesk and Trimble customers working on the same projects to work together seamlessly through optimized file compatibility across applications.

View the complete release here:

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Trimble Buildings Presents: The Budget is the Bank

Managers at Adolfson & Peterson (A&P) state that each project is paid for by budgets that are defined at the beginning of the project: a series of bank accounts that contain the money that is allocated to the various construction phases. Exceed the budget and you overdraw – something we all want to prevent, and Prolog can help.

In this webinar, you will learn how A&P’s Kevin Lind and Rick Poston analyzed and solved the challenge of cost status and predictability. Explaining the steps their organization went through to put a highly accurate system in place, our guest speakers will (re)introduce you to Prolog’s powerful budget and cost management features.

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Upcoming Webinar: Make Modeling Simple With Trimble Edgewise

3D scan data provides an invaluable wealth of information, however it can be time consuming to take that information from point cloud to model. Join us on Tuesday, May 17th at 11AM for a look at Trimble Edgewise, and how it can help you simplify your modeling process. We’ll look at the ability of Trimble Edgewise to work with concrete, structural steel, piping, and even ductwork.

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Register For Our Upcoming Trimble Field Link Layout Class!

This course is designed for Trimble Field Link used in conjunction with either a Trimble Robotic Total Station (RTS) or Trimble Rapid Positioning System (RPT). In this training class, contractors can expect to learn how to:

• Operate and understand the Trimble RTS or RPT
• Use the main features, functions, and workflow of Trimble Field Link for Structures
• Practice using Trimble Field Link and the RTS or RPT with sample projects
• Gain on the job efficiency when using Trimble technology

To learn more about Trimble Robotic Total Station class, visit the registration page here.

To learn more about Trimble Rapid Positioning System class, visit the registration page here.

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Register For The Open BIM Breakfast

BIM Breakfast5Experience the latest in architectural and construction BIM software at this complimentary breakfast.  From the companies that invented BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) this presentation highlights the AEC industry’s leading 3D/4D/5D software for designing, presenting and constructing buildings.   Improve your efficiency and distinguish your firm from the mainstream with proven and innovative technology.  OPEN BIM is the future of our industry and used extensively in Europe and Asia allowing you to use any version of any BIM software best for your discipline. To Register, simply click the link below for the most convenient location.

Tampa Registration

Ft. Lauderdale Registration

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BuildingPoint Florida Brings the Efficiency and Productivity Benefits of Tekla Structures to Concrete Contractors

Tekla-LogoToday, BuildingPoint Florida begins delivering Trimble’s industry leading BIM software, Tekla Structures, to local concrete contractors. BuildingPoint Florida’s experienced construction professionals will deliver local Tekla Structures users with a combination of software and personalized training.

In today’s competitive construction environment, access to the right tools and expertise can save time, cut costs and increase productivity. BuildingPoint Florida will provide concrete contractors with the local expertise and support they need to maximize the benefits of Tekla Structures and provide better deliverables to our clients.

Tekla News Link

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We’ve added another Trimble Certified Trainer!

Rob Miller is the Vice President of Client Success for BuildingPoint Florida, and earlier this month, he became a Trimble Certified Trainer for Trimble Realworks. With this new certification, Rob will be able to help contractors across the state of Florida learn the ins and outs of Trimble Realworks. Prior to joining the team at BuildingPoint Florida in 2014, Rob worked for Trimble for 13 years. The majority of Rob’s career at Trimble was in the building construction division helping design and develop many of the solutions offered by the BuildingPoint global distribution network.

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Prolog 9.93 Update released

Prolog-992-MonitorTrimble Prolog 9.93 was recently released for Prolog Manager, Prolog Converge and Prolog Mobile. This latest update is compatible with Windows 10 and iOS 9.  In addition to bug fixes, some of the new features are:

· Prolog File Management System is now based on HTML-5 instead of Microsoft’s Silverlight platform
· Closed PCOs (Potential Change Order) are no longer available for selection when linking PCOs to CORs (Change Order Request).
· Prolog allows you to link and view files on individual line items on the Manpower/Labor tab in the Daily Work Journal.
· When selecting a budget code for Contracts, POs, and PCO’s, Committed Cost, Uncommitted Cost and Projected Costs columns have been added to the search window.
· RFIs can be saved without numbering when Auto-Numbering is turned off for RFIs.
· Reports have been added for Checklists, Material Packages and Material Tracking.

For a full list of changes, download the release notes here.

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Our Newest Trimble Certified Trainer

The team here at BuildingPoint Florida would like to extend a hearty congratulations to our very own Dan Bentil for becoming our newest Trimble Certified Trainer. Over the past few months, Dan put in the time and hard work necessary to pass the certification process. With this certification, Dan is now recognized as one of the top Prolog trainers in the country, allowing us to better serve our clients all across the region.

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InFocus: Vico Office

InFocus: Vico Office

Vico Office is designed as a tightly-integrated, BIM-neutral platform to which multiple types of BIM models can be published, synthesized, and augmented with cost and schedule information. With Vico, building owners and general contractors can collaborate efficiently, manage cost, and optimize schedules on complex building projects. Recently, BuildingPoint sat down with Trimble Vico Product Manager Duane Gleason to discuss the exciting features behind Vico Office.

Vico Doc Controller

As traditional and progressive building processes continue to converge, document and change management continues to be an ever-increasing concern for both contractors and construction stakeholders. With Vico’s Document Controller workflow, both 2D plans and 3D models can be managed and viewed in one centralized dataset. Duane Gleason, Trimble Vico Product Manager joins BuildingPoint to discuss some of the exciting features and concepts behind Vico Document Controller.

Vico Suite

With Trimble Vico, contractors and stakeholders can leverage the power and possibility of both 3D BIM and traditional 2D plans. From document and change management, to scheduling, to quantity take-offs and resource management, Vico offers a comprehensive workflow for projects of all shapes, sizes, and scopes. In this video, BuildingPoint sits down with Duane Gleason, Trimble Vico Product Manager, to discuss the capabilities and high-level features of this powerful application.

Vico Flowline

Construction scheduling and resource management remains one of the most important and pivotal aspects of a successful construction project plan. With Flowline scheduling, contractors and stakeholders can leverage the visbility and granularity afforded by this visual, interactive scheduling process to reduce overlap and production gaps on projects of all sizes and scopes. Duane Gleason, Trimble Vico Product Manager, sits down with BuildingPoint to discuss this creative and fresh approach to scheduling and resource management.

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