The Concept Behind Conceptual Estimating

In this previous post, we looked at the powerful capabilities behind Trimble Modelogix, a focused and easy-to-use solution for mining and harnessing the immense data within your historical projects and activities.

And while it’s easy to understand that an amazing level of insight exists within this data, the more important question is “How can I leverage this data?” It is this inquiry that Trimble Modelogix was created to answer.

With a fully populated Modelogix instance, you now have the ability to query, slice, dice, and analyze your data in whatever way makes the most sense to you for a particular project. Let’s say your doing a healthcare addition in Fort Lauderdale. This project is being scoped as adding 100 beds and an operating room to the existing campus. With Trimble Modelogix, you can easily gather all of your previous healthcare projects and begin to analyze that data. You can determine a historical (and accurate) cost per bed estimate, as well as accurate cost per operating room figures. Then you can adjust the labor and materials against your historical experience in the Fort Lauderdale area. With Trimble Modelogix, you have the ability to look at your data in way that has never been possible.

And because all of this data is readily available, in real-time, you can even involve owners and additional stakeholders into the process in a live and responsive setting. Allowing them to see how their decisions impact the cost and scale of the proposed project.

Trimble Modelogix gives you the information you need to make your conceptual estimates feasible.

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