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Data is everywhere. With great data, you can make better decisions, with greater speed and certainty. Great data also presents a better picture of where you currently are, and where you ultimately want to be. The challenge is in finding the right mix of actionable data that allows this efficiency to thrive, effectively removing the “paralysis by analysis” that comes with too much data.

BuildingPoint has been working with contractors, designers, and owners to better understand where the perfect blend of data and analysis resides. With that goal in mind, BuildingPoint Spatial Scanning Services was created. More than just laser scanning services, BuildingPoint Spatial Scanning (BPSS) leverages not just the industry’s most comprehensive on-location laser scanning techniques, but also robust post-processing and modeling capabilities as well to create a completely unified and responsive service that provides amazingly detailed and accurate as-built data to stakeholders throughout the building lifecycle.

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With BPSS, point clouds can be registered and readied for delivery in as little as 24 hours after the location scan has been completed. This streamlined delivery ensures that you have comprehensive point cloud data to leverage in making time-critical decisions. And these quick turnaround times are not limited to smaller scoped jobs. With BuildingPoint’s industry-leading techniques and technology, full point clouds can be acquired 4-7x faster when compared to traditional static scanning workflows. This translates into less time on site, and quicker turnaround times to begin utilizing this powerful all-encompassing data.

And the deliverables don’t stop there. BuildingPoint has engineered and built a powerful post-processing infrastructure that can easily handle even the largest infrastructure projects such as airports, convention centers, and mass transportation terminals. With this back-end capability, BuildingPoint will custom tailor the deliverables to fit your specific workflows and analysis steps. From Autodesk Recap file indexing, to point cloud subsampling, to 2D floor plan creation and 3D model creation, BuildingPoint spatial scanning specialists will work with you to create a deliverable that perfectly fits within your current and future process.

Want To Learn More? Request A Demo Today!